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November 18, 2008


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Dude. Can you write that again in _English_? I assume it affects my hosting but I don't really know what you're talking about.

John Masterson

Hmmmm, in English, I'd summarize:

* We are working hard to improve our shared hosting system,
* We had a roadblock for a while,
* We overcame the roadblock!

We hope the techie explanation might help someone else out there with a similar issue.

Keep watching the blog for further updates about our progress improving services for everyone. And if you have ideas and feedback to share, please join the conversation at http://feedback.modwest.com



It may not be English...but some things can be lost in translation. I actually appreciate the pure, honest, explanation with details that help the greater good.

Maybe next time there can be a link for the non-technical explanation...a version of both. Everyone then happy.


I appreciate the work that goes on behind the scenes to improve services for everyone and welcome technical explanations in any writing style that's aimed at helping others.

What I find strange is the repeated references to the post not being in English. Granted the English may not be plain and simple, but if the level required is that of the subsequent summary then that would make the blog less appealing to even more people and less useful too.

So, I don't think it's necessary to keep everyone happy with links to multiple explanations in the same language, not when the comments section is clearly sufficient for the odd occasion that it's necessary.

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