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August 28, 2008


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Trevor Sheridan

Things like this happen... I know it must have been frustrating for customers (myself included), but we all have to realize what a great hosting company Modwest is compared to GoDaddy or Network Solutions. During this email downtime one of my clients switched to GoDaddy from Modwest because of their email not working. I simply told them "Don't worry, they will get it figured out". My client wasn't having it and switched. I just hope people know that Modwest is a great company and from a developer's standpoint, they are by far the best to work with.

Chris Knox

Second Trevor's comments. I've been through an ISP meltdown where they operated on the theory that "an ignorant customer is a happy (or at least not a bothersome) customer." Trust me -- you don't want to go through something like that. Modwest did everything right. They acknowledged the problem. They kept the customers posted. And they followed up with lessons learned. Bad things happen. It's having processes to recover and a culture that allows the processes to work that marks a great organization. Good work, guys!

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