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February 02, 2008


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Keith Robinson

This is good news, John. I for one welcome the spam filter being turned on by default. As a reseller setting up mailboxes for clients, I get tired of going in and switching it on myself, or advising the client to do it -- they just never bother.

I've used the "normal" spam filter mode for years and it works great. I long ago stopped checking through spam -- why bother having a spam filter if you're going to check through the junk mail anyway? -- so I trust that it's doing its job and have it deleted automatically.

The file attachment is also a nice improvement in some ways, but could be a pain in others. I actually don't mind telling people NOT to email me gigantic images when they're just for website use. I'd rather they were forced to learn what's oversize and what's not.

I usually ask clients to send extra large attachments via YouSendIt.com, so I can download them when it suits me. If there's apparently no limitation when sending images straight out of a 5 megapixel digital camera, they'll never bother to learn and the internet will get more and more clogged up with unnecessarily enormous file attachments.

Lyndi Petersen

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