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April 23, 2007


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I'm not a Modwest customer (yet), but I've been looking for a host that would give me the advanced control usually associated with a reseller account, but without actually having to get a reseller account.

So my question is, what do you mean when you say that DNS management is "available only to account administrators"? What exactly is an account administrator? Does this mean that DNS management is only available to reseller users, or do ordinary shared hosting accounts also have this DNS management feature in their control panels?

Thanks in advance.

John Masterson

Thanks for the question -- DNS management is available to ordinary shared hosting account holders, and resold customers, but not mailbox-only users of either. (Resellers can enter the accounts of their resold customers and use the tool too.)

You can check out the demo here: http://www.modwest.com/controlpanel.phtml

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